See, do and enjoy

See, do and enjoy


There are many walks or senderos around the village and across the sierras. We have maps, books, walking poles and binoculars that you are welcome to borrow. We are also happy to take you to aracena or local villages to start your walk home.

Birdwatching and Wildlife


Fiestas - Romerias

Steve Slater, a previous guest is the photographer for most of the wild life and countryside photographs

Extraordinary places to visit

Caves in Aracena

The famous caves are located under the Castle on the hill and receive large numbers of visitors from across Spain and Europe as well as those from further afield. They truly are ‘Marvellous’ and have been used in a number of International adventure films. There are daily tours which last approximately 40 minutes and are cool in summer and warm in winter! The tall domed ceilings create a spacious view of the wonders of nature.


Of Roman origin, Merida is spectacular and only about an hour and a half away on the dual carriageway. Crossing the long pedestrian bridge across the river takes you into the old Roman town. Here you will find roman remains all around leading to the two-storey amphitheatre that still hosts concerts from famous artists as well as annual festivals. The three tenors and Il Diva have performed there over the years simply for the quality of the acoustics. The long tall via duct is a few minutes’ walk away, as is the Roman Circus – similar to the one in Rome. Beside the amphitheatre is the Merida Roman Museum which is well worth a visit.


This is Black Pig country and famous for the quality of its Jamon. The village of Corteconcepcion is home to a multi award winning traditional Jamon factory and they offer a 2 hour tour. You will walk among the Iberian pigs, learn about why their meat is so fine and how they are cured traditionally using the cleanliness and quality of the Sierra air to enhance the flavour of the Jamon, chorizos, salchichon, carne de lomo and morcilla sausages. The tour culminates in a grand tasting with wines and cheeses and a tip for you…..don’t eat much before you go as you will have a feast.